What You Should Know About Electric Car Conversion Kits

What You Should Know About Electric Car Conversion Kits

Upgrading your vehicle from a diesel-powered engine to an electric car has many benefits to offer. Other than electrical vehicles being friendly to the environment, they tend to be more durable and users can save money. Even then, there are many reasons people are investing in electric car conversion kits. You are probably wondering how can a petrol-powered car be converted into an EV one. The truth is that the process is difficult but manageable.

How Electric Conversion Kit Works

The process of converting a vehicle from the diesel-powered to electrical one involves replacing hoses and pipes that are used in combustion engines with electrical wires. You should note that the engine, gas tank, exhaust system, and gas tank ought to be replaced. They are then replaced with an electric motor, EV battery, and controller. This nature of work needs a lot of electrical and mechanical experience. If you do not have these skills, you should hire experts. The best option is to buy an electrical car conversion kit.

Reasons for EV Conversion

Studies show that a car owner spend thousands of dollars each year on gasoline. Moreover, car owners are at the mercy of fuel cartels that hike fuel prices whenever they want. You also need to maintain the car’s engine, which requires regular oil change. Fortunately, an electric car does not need gasoline and it is associated with minimal maintenance. Other advantages include excellent reliability and higher resell values.

The only challenge associated with electrical vehicles is the electricity. Also, you need to replace the batteries after every two years. Once your car is full charged, you can expect it to go up to 200 miles. It takes an average of 8 hours to fully charge your car. You should expect some variations based on the battery and weight of the car.

EV Conversion Cost

The truth is that converting your car to electrical vehicle is quite expensive. This is because you need to purchase the car conversion kit and pay for installation. Although the cost is high, you will enjoy some benefits like low emissions and save money on fuel. Additionally, the electric car is more reliable and needs minimal maintenance.

Types of Cars that Can Be Converted?

You should note that not all cars are suitable for conversion to EVs. The ideal cars are those that are lightweight with manual transmission. The problem with heavier vehicles is that their weight can limit the range and capability of the electrical motor. Vehicles with automatic transmissions are not ideal as they consume a lot of energy to keep the car idling.


Electrical car conversion kits are available in a range of styles and sizes. This is meant to ensure they fit a variety of vehicles. You can also find universal kits that come with drive system components. The problem with universal kits is that you need to create other custom parts such as boxes and battery racks. Although an electric car conversion kit is higher, it is still cheaper than choosing a vehicle conversion company to do the work for you.